29635 Usb cable charger & data transfer for samsung magnetic


Charging and Data Transfer system for computer, power bank
USB charger in car and power supply with 2.0 USB interface
Super Purity copper conductor, durable cable, high quality PU cover

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1. One Hand- operation, double sided automatic adsorption
2. Durable high quality nylon braid cover the pure copper. Fast speed Sync Data and Fast Charge high-tech design IC broad to against high temperature over –load current, and over load voltage to offer stable current and prolong the life of mobile phone battery
3. One touch charging to avoid frequently plugging and unplugging causes the charge port to loosen or broken
4. Self- contained Led right, bright when power on, easy to find, with aluminum alloy joint in cable, strong, more resistance or rust
5. Effectively block dust from entering the charge interface when not charged to extend the life of mobile phone

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Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 52.0 × 29.0 × 23.0 cm

0,0347 cm3

Master box

100 pcs