Audio cable aux jack 3.5 stereo AUX 3.5mm, 12V Trigger, IR Infrared Sensor receiver Extension Extender, TS Monaural Mini Mono Audio plug Jack connector, AUX 3.5mm Male to Male cable Wire Cord. Compatible with most A/V components, power amps, pre-amps, projectors, electronic screens, and IR infrared receivers & senders. Deliver quality signal connectivity: Molded connectors with strain relief ensure a solid, high quality connection between the connected devices. High performance versatile cable accurately transfers quality detailed clean natural pure audio sound with realism and clarity litter – free mono format signals. Balanced solid conductors for enhanced internal noise rejection and clearer, deeper bass and eliminate strand-interaction distortion. Oxygen free copper lines combined with a double shielding allow for a maximum audio quality, reduce distortion and signal loss.